I've said it before!

And I'll say it again. Nothing beats sitting here in the garden with a glass of wine after a long couple days of work/life.

garden_03 11

My raspberries are still going strong, and I have more lettuce, beets and green beans than I know what to do with. That STILL doesn't make it okay for my nightly deer visitors to eat their fill.

garden_03 8

garden_03 7

garden_03 6

garden_03 5

Now I need to get started eating green beans, cucumber and zucchini, because they are growing...FAST!

garden_03 2


One of our summer projects is building a little garden shed to house the riding lawn mower and Nick's new motorcycle (he'll be getting it in a few months). Nick has been working hard every evening digging post holes, mixing concrete and more. I think he's just happy to be done with his Architecture tests so that he can get back to his favorite activities: PROJECTS!

garden_03 1


You can kind of see the footprint of the shed. It won't have a poured foundation. After we build the addition in a few years (and with that will come a real honest to goodness garage), we will turn this shed into half chicken coop/half garden shed. Yay chickens! I've finally persuaded Nick to let me get some!!

garden_03 3