The End is Near

I am almost ALMOST done with the school year. One more week until my last final is turned in, and I can start my new job as a User Experience Design Intern on the Universal Shopping Experience Team at Amazon. So excited! The last few weeks of any quarter are difficult, but I feel like the final quarter of a school year presents even more challenges. I've been struggling to stay motivated lately. It is especially difficult to put in 10+ hours a day on my butt in front of a computer when is gorgeous and sunny outside. Perhaps it is better for my grades that it rains so much the rest of the year... I have been enjoying the stolen moments over the last few weeks when I could sneak out to my garden and soak in all the new life happening around me. The bees have been busy pollinating the berries, and in a few weeks, we will have more strawberries, raspberries and blueberries than we can eat. Hood helps me check on them every day to see if they are ready yet.



In addition to berries, I am growing four different types of tomatoes (the fourth is a sneaky re-seed from last year), beets (I lost count at around a million...on that note, beets anyone?), carrots, potatoes, wall walla sweet onions, three different types of lettuce, sugar snap peas, shelling peas, green beans, spinach, rhubarb, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, corn, mint and lots of flowers.



I'm definitely seeing a need for more garden space, so I have begun planning a new raised bed for next year. Eventually I'd like to eat out of the garden year-round, or as close to it as possible!


Here's to lots of awesome salads and other noms this summer!