Remember Me?

Well, this will be short because I am officially in the crazy part of my quarter. (And I am taking a mental break from frantically editing video.) The last few weeks have been full of excitement for me: School, sick kiddo, school, sick me, school, sick Nick, school, taught Hood how to ski, work, Olive Crest Auction (work-related), visit to my Grandma's farm, school, nap and work. I think I hit most of the bases.olive crest

We are quickly closing in on Hood's and my Birthday. All he wants for his birthday is a nap and I just really want a Thomas the Train themed party. Maybe I got that backwards. We'll see how much I can pull together to make him feel special. My final presentations line up almost perfectly with his big day, so chances are his birthday will be low key and involve some form of me drinking wine.

Wish me luck! I am looking forward to working in the garden this spring break!