Toddlers, Snow and Snoqualmie Pass

So between working on the weekends, low funds, pregnancy and small has been 6 years (eek!) since Nick and I have last been up snowboarding. We spent the majority of our time dating on the slopes of Silver Mountain in Idaho. Nick is an accomplished snowboarder and skier, and I thought he was hot, so it was a match made in heaven. Nick taught me how to carve, and I fell in love with him for his patience with me. I think he fell in love with me for my ability to land head first every single time I fell down. photo 1-2

For Christmas, Nick's Mom Jill, and her boyfriend BK, gave us a gift certificate to Snoqualmie Pass. We have been excitedly planning our reintroduction to the world of snowboarding. Hood has been getting so excited about going up with us. We stayed up late last night watching YouTube videos. So this morning when we hauled our two-year-old up the mountain, we were excited. The moment we arrived, Hood asked, "Where are the jumps, Mommy? Where is the Terrain Park?" (Yes!) Clearly I did a good job of preparing him for the joys of the day--namely a lot of falling down and getting snow down your neck.

photo 2-2

The boys were going to be on skis (much easier for the kiddo to learn on), and it would be perfect...right? Well, for being a massive toddler (he weighs over 40 pounds, and is the size of an average 5 year old), his skis were long, and his boots were hard to walk in. He is still getting better about expressing himself (that will be a life-long challenge), so whenever he says something is "Too Big," that could mean it is too big, too small, or he just doesn't like them.

So we exit the rental place with a big kid walking like a drunk, whining about how his boots were "too big". Nick strapped the skis on the little man, and I followed behind carrying my board, helmet, Nick's skis and poles. (There will be a noticeable lack of photos of Hood in his ski gear.) Long story short, there was some screaming and crying, and not very much skiing. After a short time of snuggles and kisses and calming down, Hoodie decided that he would rather go home.

photo 4-1

We made a few quick calls, the first one being to our wonderful friends the Andersons. They very lovingly said they could watch Hood so we could actually use our lift tickets we had already purchased. Around that time, we remembered that my parents were out playing in the snow at their cabin in CleEllum, so we opted to send him their way instead. (Hood genuinely DID want to play in the snow, and he was very concerned that we hadn't found Papa at Snoqualmie--I think he must think that my Dad is anywhere there is snow.) I hauled the kiddo out to the car, and in the 30 minute drive to Suncadia he passed out. I made the quick drop off with my Dad, and Hood very contentedly blew kisses and waved goodbye to me from his new perch in the front seat of my Dad's Snowcat.

When I met back up with Nick he had thoroughly been reminded why he preferred snowboarding over skis, but we at least felt like we got enough use out of the rental to justify the money spent. I was impressed with his skills, especially since he hasn't skied for over 15 years. We went down a couple runs, and immediately noticed how much older I felt this time. I used to be relatively fearless. (Remember how Nick loves me for my head-smashing talents and fabulous good looks? Well, he'll just have to settle for my good looks now.) This time, I was painfully aware of how out-of-shape I am, how stiff my muscles are, and how freakishly terrifying it is to have your board pointed directly down the mountain when you are learning to carve.

photo 3-1

Slowly, slooooowly, I picked it back up. Nick was such a stud, encouraging me when I needed it, and mocking me when he knew I needed to be fired up. We had the best time. I felt the years get peeled back, and before I knew it, I was just a 19-year-old girl boarding with the man of her dreams.

We have absolutely fallen in love with Snoqualmie Pass. When I was a kid, I was a devoted Stevens Pass goer, and (like many people) I thought Snoqualmie was the worst. I was wrong. Part of it's allure is that it is only 30 minutes from our front door, but there were barely any lines, lots of well-groomed runs, an amazing terrain park ( was huge), and the friendliest staff ever.

All-in-all it was a wonderful day. My parents will be dropping off Hoodie in a few minutes, and I am excited to hear about all the fun he had with them. I am so thankful for my parents, the Andersons, and Nick's mother-in-law Jill and her boyfriend, BK for making this the best Saturday I've had in a long time.