Kid Time!

Life is beginning to get really crazy this quarter in school. There always seems to be a 2-3 week lull at the beginning of each quarter where I can still see my family, go grocery shopping and occasionally do the laundry. It's so amazing to always have clean socks and underwear in our bureaus. Then, almost like magic, the fourth week rolls around and BAM! I need to get really serious about my time management skills so I can still balance work, school, family, and (occasionally) sleep. photo 2-1

On Saturday, Nick took Test #1 of his Architectural Tests. Hood and I had the day, so we went over to Seattle to play with our friends Justin, Suzanne and Amelia. We went down to Golden Gardens and ran, biked, played and got sandy. We succeeded in completely wiping out both kiddos (Hoodie and Amelia), and all the adults had fun. In general, it was a very successful day. Thankfully, Nick was super sweet and took Hoodie to the Children's Museum on Sunday so I could get a solid chunk of time to knock out some design.

I even got to watch my friends' baby, Sophia on Friday evening! It was so nice to get baby snuggles.

photo 1-1

All that to say, life is crazy, but it was wonderful to take a few moments out of my weekend to engage with some friends and kids. Life is way too short!