Snow Day 2013

Well, we had the annual Snow Day at my parents cabin again this year. We missed the original day due to the outbreak of the plague at our house (see last post), so my parents were gracious enough to host a second "Make-Up Snow Day." There actually was a pretty good turn out, with the addition of our good friends Tina, Eli and their 3-month old daughter, Sophia, my parents (and now they're mine too!) friends the Gisles, and my Dad's coworker Sean (and his two kiddos). There was an unexpected hiccup when the Snowcat didn't work at first. But due to my Dad's manly working-on-cars skills and a well timed trip into town, the Cat was back up and running by the time the rest of us arrived. It was definitely nice to skip a snowshoe in so that I could spend my energy hauling Hood's 40 pound-ness up the big hill a million times.snow_1

Tina and Eli brought their dog, Penny. Hood ADORES this dog, and it was fun to have a dog running around the family again.


I cannot emphasize enough how much Hood loved going sledding. He went with parents; he went by himself; he went down on his tummy; he went down backwards; he went down on the inner-tube; he went down on the fast sled. This kid could not get enough.





There still is nothing quite like getting really cold and exhausted, then coming into a toasty warm cabin to eat some warm soup. It doesn't have to be fancy, or even have electricity/toilets, it's just enough that it's WARM.


It was sooo nice to have some baby snuggles. Sophia did so well. She went sledding with Mum and Dad, and even took a nap! Such a sweetheart!snow_9