Hand, Foot and Mouth

There is little worse in life than watching your kiddo suffer or be miserable, so basically the last few weeks have been rough in the Baxter household. Hood came down with a funky eczema outbreak/flu the weekend before Christmas. It threw a wrench in our pre-Christmas plans, but  thankfully he recovered enough to happily tear into presents and cookies on the actual holiday.

Then, in keeping with our new tradition, he got another rip-roaring rash just in time for New Year's. It was different, and more angry than his typical skin-issues. We went to the doctor and were told it could be Fifth's Disease, but Hood hadn't had the tell-tale fever.

photo 2

Almost as if his body had picked up on the Doctor's suggestion, Hood came down with a fever the following afternoon. By the time I took him to Group Health's Urgent Care Clinic on Friday night, his temperature was just short of 104 degrees. The wonderful Group Health doctors discovered that Hood had open sores all over the inside of his mouth. (Ooops, I just thought he had been whiny for the past few days every time we sat down to eat.) The sores, rash an fever pointed to the childhood viral illness called Hand, Foot and Mouth.


Yay. Now we have a name for it. What does this mean for us? It means that for the foreseeable future, we have a little boy who has sores all over his entire body, who cannot eat and can barely drink, who is itchy and in pain all of the time, who sleeps sporadically and wakes up often crying, but who has, for the most part, maintained a loving and gentle disposition throughout the entire ordeal.

photo 3

(I thought about putting the more gnarly images of Hood's skin here, but I figured that was a little too much for the internet)

I feel extremely lucky to have a sweet little man who, despite obvious discomfort, still wants to snuggle, tell me he loves me, and ask me "Where's the matter, Mommy??" whenever I am having a hard time.

This is a hard life, but even in the midst of it, it is a good life.