Starting the Year Off Right

It was nice to spend January 1st doing all the things I love with my little family. Nick made us a killer breakfast of creamed spinach Eggs Benedict (holy WOW, so delicious), followed by homemade lattes, mochas and hot cocoas. (Thank you to Aunt Maggie for giving us an awesome milk-make-hotter appliance!) We went for a three mile walk in the freezing but sunny January weather, spending a solid 15 minutes throwing rocks into a frozen over ditch to see who could break the ice on the surface. Eventually the walk turned into a ride/push for Hood, and in proper Hood-Family style, he passed out.

20130101-171048.jpg We ended the walk at a park by our house where we played soccer (no joke, that kid is a NATURAL), explored the woods, ate oranges, climbed on the play equipment, and played more soccer.


20130101-171116.jpg All in all, it was a wonderful start to a new and promising year.

Here's to 2013 and all that it brings! ( **Chugs cocoa**