Life and Times of a Toddler Peeing

This evening I scampered straight over to a friends house from school. The boys met me there. It was a full house (~20 people? Thank you to the Matthews for hosting us in their beautiful new house!). Hoodie told me he needed to go potty, but he mostly just wanted to check out the cool toilet. He had never seen a bidet before, and before I noticed what he was doing, he flipped a knob and water came pouring out of the toilet. Eeek!

Thankfully the lid was closed. So Hood helped me clean up the mess. Next he told me he really had to go pee, but he wanted to do it like a big boy...aka standing. Unfortunately, his parts barely lined up, so he ended up having his wiener laying across the rim of the toilet seat. Not really thinking, I had just haphazardly flipped the toilet seat lid up, and lined him up...

Unfortunately the lid didn't STAY open and bounced right back down...towards my contentedly piddling little boy's special bits. THANKFULLY mommy reflexes saved me from having to do any sort of explaining to my husband or to adult Hoodie.

Nothing quite like potty-related stress!

Regardless of narrowly being the next Lorena Bobbit, it is good to be a mommy!