The Importance of Sowing


I'm learning things. Slowly, but I AM learning. If it has not been evident up to this point, I have been enjoying gardening this summer. I honestly can think of only a handful of things that I enjoy more. I check on my garden every day, and I enjoy just standing in the sunshine and looking down fondly at all the vegetables. Maybe they feel all the love because they have been growing like CRAZY!

The primary gardening lesson I will take away from this summer will be the importance of garden planning. By "planning" I mean, you shouldn't plant tall potatoes next to short carrots. Oh, and you should sow your carrot seeds mixed with sand (thanks for the idea Grandma Hood!) so that your carrots don't wrap around each other in pretty little spirals. (See picture below.) It's actually kinda pretty for being an accident.

And my new favorite vegetable: