Social Media Art Sale!

Continuation of the Social Media Art Sale Game!

I'm going to come into a little more spare time in the next few weeks and want to do a little more painting. Unfortunately two problems stand in my way: 1. I have no space, and 2. I have no money (and need supplies). So here's the deal: I am selling almost all my art for a LOT less that I should (from a business standpoint). If you're interested, first come first serve. I will be posting a new piece every day until I run out of stuff to post

These are spray paint pieces on a skateboards measuring 2' 7" x 7.75".

Payment: I can take cash, credit, or check. I can ship it within the United States for an additional $15, and you can pick it up, or within a reasonable distance, I can meet you.

Feel free to re-share this post if you think your friends would be interested!


Escape Skateboard- $75




Owl Skateboard- $50



Count the Rings-Skateboards $100



Umbrella Skateboard- &75Image


Thanks for checking it out!