Working on Getting My Summer Feet...

ImageThere is nothing like sunshine and free time to take any weekend to the next level of complete fabulousness. We have been busy the last couple weekends with weddings and family-get-togethers (Hood family celebration on the Orgeon coast, see the rocking' family pics courtesy of Andy), so having free time this weekend was just that much sweeter. My parents took Hoodie for the weekend for some much needed QT with their grand baby, and so that Nick and I could get some time just to the two of us. We are coming up on our four-year wedding anniversary, so we enjoyed just hanging out with one another and remembering how much we like each other (yeah, we always love each other, but sometimes it's easy to forget that you actually truly like the other person). It was so nice just staying up late playing cards, laughing, watching movies and doing puzzles together. We also spent plenty of time in the yard finishing up the patio (I just realized I have no photos of that project, those will have to come later...), and working on the plants and vegetable garden. I've said this before, and I will say it again, I could look at my garden for HOURS, so be glad I only have a few pictures of plants to show you.Image

Nick built this trellis for us to get married under in his Grandparents backyard. We transported it to our current home when we bought it three years ago. I planted this Clematis last year; its nice to see some blooms!Image

The Sugar Snap Peas are loving the hoop houses!Image

I never knew what a potato plant looked like before this gardening adventure. Here are my russets (with a background of radishes).Image

Not sure what this tree is (some sort of decorative cherry tree?) but, as Hood would say, it's "SOOOO NIIIIIICE!"Image