Life Update

So it has been half of forever since my last entry, mostly because I have been staying pretty busy and partly because when I am not busy, I am busy being a lazy bum. The quarter is officially over, and I realized I haven't shared any of my projects or hobbies on here lately. Thus the blog entry.

So this last quarter I took three classes, Typography, 3-D Foundations and German (second quarter).

In German, I am learning all about the perfect tenses (haben or sein as an auxiliary with the past participle following in the last position), simple past tenses of verbs, how to order food, tell location and occupation, and talk about the things that I want to do someday or want to become. I am really enjoying it. Languages don't come easy to me, but memorizing does, so I just memorize the crap out of my vocabulary lists and try to fake the rest of it. For my class, we have to submit a video of ourselves verbally responding to questions on our computers (to check pronunciation and general awesomeness). The other day, Hood was sitting in my lap while I was recording my video. A few days after I submitted it, my teacher email me and told me he totally cracked up because whenever I would speak (in german), Hood would kinda do a double take and stare at me in confusion and awe. Poor kiddo, his life must be so confusing.

So for Typography we are learning about identifying type, as well as learning the power of type and associations/personalities that each typeface has. We are also learning about how to set type (rags, grids, weights and widths, and TYPE CRIMES). It's only pretty awesome! I think Nick is going to go crazy one of these days when I lean over and whisper "The closing credits of The Amazing Race are set in Bank Gothic" or when I say "The Skyline Tower in Bellevue uses Verdana in their signs, which is pretty much a type crime because Verdana was created solely for use at small point sizes on screen." Yeah, I guess I am that kid now.

My final project for Typography was to pick a line from a song and create the letterforms of the song in such a way that they emulate the meaning of the song, or portray the emotion/meaning of the song. I did the Mommy thang and picked "You've got a friend in me"

My 3 Dimensional Foundations course was focused primarily on teaching us how to deconstruct the 2-D plane to create a 3-D form. We did a lot of origami-based projects early on in the quarter and ended by creating 3-D objects that had an interaction counterpart. We had the option of redesigning a parking meter or a pill bottle. My partner, Carli and I chose to redesign a parking meter. There is a 20 page process book full of studies, sketches, and user interface screen shots and explanations to explain how we led up to this point. Rather than showing everything, I figure I will leave you with the final images of our meter. There is a lot of thought that went into just about every aspect of it. If you care, I am sure I could talk for hours about how we got to this point.

Now I am enjoying a week and a half off. I am cleaning the house, and praying for nice not rainy weather next week so I can put in the raised beds in my garden that I have been looking forward to all winter.