I had a dream too...

(blurry, but I couldn't help myself. Look at this kid!)

I dreamt that the snow would finally come this winter. How appropriate that on this beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. Day that it would  finally come true! AND, to put the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae, I have the day off of school!

I have some studying still to do (für meine Deutsch Prüfung morgen), so Hoodie got to go play with his friends at daycare this morning. Before we piled into the car, we spent a little time scampering about the yard. Snow is still relatively new to the kiddo, so he had a fair amount of tumbles and slips, but he LOVED it. I don't know what he enjoyed more, the snow or running around with the dog. He has taken to calling his puppy like Mommy and Daddy do, so you can often hear him calling out "Seeeeej! Seeeeej!" followed by  an imitation whistle (making his lips into an "o" and then squealing through his pursed lips).