Morning Walk

I want to premise this with a simple fact: I hate hate Spiders. Don't tell the Buddhist Monks, but we might have regularly scheduled visits with a certain "Orkin" Gentleman. Spiders in my guys are dead. But build a pretty web in my yard, add some dew, and I might just take a picture of you. (Ha! That rhymed.) This morning was the first in a few weeks where I did not have to go to work or some other morning engagement. Part of that is due to the fact that yesterday was my last day at my job (more on that later). We woke up slowly and then made some coffee. I was feeling very hangover-y this morning, probably due to last nights NyQuil (thank you, daycare germs), so it took me longer than normal to clear the mental cobwebs. Hood wanted to walk the dog, so we decided to take a short jaunt down the foggy street with the woofie in tow.

We stopped and admired all the dew-laden spider webs that decorated our yard. There was one web that was dangling from our crab-apple tree. It looked like the spider, instead of attaching one of the web anchor points to the ground, used a small rock as a mid-air anchor to keep the web steady. I have never seen anything like it before. It is so beautiful to see the creations that animals come up with. I don't think I give spiders enough credit. They are pretty talented and smart (albeit very scary looking) little builders.

It is times like this that I want to treasure for the rest of my life. Quiet, happy, calm moments with my beautiful family enjoying our home and each other (and coffee too!). We live in the country-ish, so our surrounding neighbors have horses, cows, chickens and a healthy smattering of dogs. I realized that this is the perfect amount of "farm" for me. I want to enjoy other people's animals without the expense or bother of having to take care of them. We went and visited the crazy lady's** horse, Lady Bug. Hood was thrilled that the big doggie was so interested in him. He was also pretty excited that he got to hold Sage's leash this time. Sage was a model puppy too, he was very calm, gentle and patient with his little boy as Hood dragged him around the neighborhood.

**So, I try not to give the name "Crazy Lady" to just anybody. Love her, but she is literally crazy. Maybe there is a more politically correct term for crazy that I should be using. My studio has a view of her horse pasture. She doesn't live in our neighborhood, but she rents the pasture out from one of our neighbors. She loves her horse. She will spend hours hand clipping grass from up and down our road to bring to Lady Bug as a snack. This lady will regularly come up to our back door (why bother with the front door, when the back door is so much more awesome!) at 10:00pm or later asking if she can borrow random things like a grass-seed spreader or to ask us if we actually live in our house.