Big Sisters = Super Great


You know those days where you are just going along, minding your own business and someone says something completely out of the blue that blows you away and makes you feel SUPER duper loved? Yeah, my sister just did that to me.

Here's what she emailed me:

Hi Ams,

I was looking through some old word documents and found this...I don't know if I ever sent it to you, but here it is now.

I love you tons!


God certainly knew what he was doing that March day eighteen years ago when my little sister was first carried into my funny, flamboyant, beautiful little heart's twin.

I don't know if it was because we didn't watch TV, or maybe we just had very active imaginations, but we played so many made up games together. We just played together period! Whether it be with people made out of popsicle sticks, or homemade yarn dolls, or in an imaginary town called Red Bell, or playing spy and sneaking around the neighborhood writing down car license plates, or making codes, playing potions (usually made of soap) and 'treating' the plants, playing hide and seek with the dog, or granny, messy babies, the leg game ,or pretending to be drunk (which mostly consisted of loudly slurping martinellis apple cider out of wine glasses...neither of us ever having actually seen a drunk person at the time) we always had fun and laughed a lot. My little sister, who succeedes, who broke her wrist and determined to play sports again, my sister who paints and the scenery comes alive, my sister who finds humor in the little things and if the situation isn't funny, she makes it so

And that little sister is off at a university of her own. The little sister, with whom every new idea began with 'let's pretend that...' is now making new friends and moving into a world that is 300 miles from my own. So, I will send her off with love, and high hopes, and part of my heart.