PB and Lots of J

We attempted to go to Michael's today with both of the little boys. In retrospect, I should have known better, but I cut Hood's morning nap short so we could get going. The saying "Like a kid in a candy store" should really be "Like a kid in a craft store". I felt bad for the little guy because he really wanted to touch everything and I had to keep on saying no. I felt bad until he slapped me across the face with both hands. We spent the rest of the trip having a time-out in front of the store. I don't really like being "that" mom that everyone thinks should discipline her child better. I really missed Nick at that moment. I think he would have known how to handle the situation better than I did. Life got a lot better when we got home, ate lunch and tucked Hood in bed for a well deserved nap. Honestly, though, how can you stay frustrated with this little guy?