Staying at Pinhead Auntie Nina's

Yesterday morning, Hood and I embarked on the 5 hour drive down to my sister's house in Creswell, Oregon. Hood's daycare provider, Judi, took the week off as her vacation for this summer, so rather than scrambling to find childcare, I decided to take a vacation as well. Christina and I haven't gotten a chance to spend a longer period of time together in quite a while, so I was excited to get a chance to spend a week with her, Johnny and Uriah. Nick stayed home so he could get some work done on the house without any distractions. This will be the longest Nick and I have been apart since we've been married and the longest Hood has ever been away from his Daddy--ever. We'll see how we are doing in a few more days. I was a little nervous about making such a long drive with an occasionally cranky pumpkin. I am not the most patient person in the world, so I was afraid things might not end well. It tuned out to be a fantastic trip. We took our time, and I kept my expectations low regarding our arrival time. We tried to stop every 1.5-2 hours so Hood could run around and stretch his legs.

Christina's sister-in-law Callie told me about a little U-Pick blueberry place in Brooks, Oregon, so we decided to go there for our second pit stop. It was absolutely gorgeous. It's a little blueberry crop in an old man's back yard. It's all honor system: $0.90/lb complete with a bathroom scale to weigh your blueberries. Hood and I picked an entire shoe-box-full of blueberries and the scale read it as ~4 pounds. We decided to throw $7 in the cash box and I still felt like I robbed the guy.

Hood was more than happy to help harvest the blueberries. I did have to fight him away from the shoe box a couple of times. Seems he prefers to "harvest" what I had already harvested.

This morning we went out to the field by Christina and Johnny's house to walk the dog and let Hood ride his trike around. Summertime has been good to Creswell (unlike Renton) so it was nice to spend some outdoor time before it really started to get hot.

Moments before he flipped over the back: