Grandma J and Grandpa BK-Anacortes, WA

We were long overdue for a visit to Nick's Mom, Jill. She and her boyfriend BK live in a gorgeous home on the water in Anacortes. Hood enjoyed scampering around in his super awesome life vest. We went crabbing with Jill's neighbors, and caught tons of crab! Seven of them were big enough for us to take home, so needless to say we now have LOTS of crab. (It took us a whole morning to shell all of them.)  

Looking back at BK and Jill's house. What a view!

Crab pot numero uno:

Hood helped me measure the crabs to see if they were big enough.

He might have gotten a little sleepy towards the end.

I got to get up close and personal with the crabs when I killed, lunged, and gutted all of them. Of course, once I got cocky, the last bugger grabbed my thumb. I enjoyed gutting him.