Hood Family Campout-Vernonia, Oregon

So every year, my Dad's side of the family gets together in varying locations around Oregon to sleep and eat outdoors together for a whole weekend. Well, if I'm completely honest, the sleeping is in tents, the eating is under Clifford's (or maybe it's Doug's...I don't know) little gazebo shelter, and there might be an RV Camper involved. Regardless of how "roughing it" it may or may not be, it always ends up being a good time.  

This particular occasion was a first on a couple fronts: First time with baby cousin Uriah (pictures to follow); first time Hood could run around a wreak havoc; and first time my Mom and Dad weren't able to make it. Although I really missed my parents (especially when I had to cook one of the morning breakfasts that my dear Dad normally handled with such apparent ease), we had a wonderful time catching up with everyone.


One of the reasons we typically choose Vernonia is for the Vernonia Day Parade and Car Show. On this one day out of the year, Vernonia's population doubles as people come pouring in to sell lunchboxes made out of old license plates or homemade jewelry, to gawk at the impressive showing of vehicles or to squat on the side of the road to be pelted with candy from a parade of cars. It is so much fun.


This was the first time Hood had been to a parade and actually knew what to do. He thought it was the coolest thing ever that not only could he run into the street, but people would throw candy at him whenever he waved at them! Needless to say, his waving skills improved quite a bit that day. I think he waves at everyone to this day hoping they will throw suckers at him.


Believe it or not, Hood had a fantastic attitude the whole day, I just had to include this picture because his angry scowl says more than most words can say.

Christina and Johnny wowed us all with their baby boy, Uriah. I was impressed at their willingness to take a one month old camping, but then when I spotted their industrial diaper bag and Home Depot bucket for diapers, I knew it was only the first in a long line of awesome family campouts in store for that little guy.