Zoo...this time with Rylee and Nadia!

I swear, all my posts have had to do with the zoo. What can I say, I love looking at animals, so now I have a kid, I can justify going every single week. We enjoyed going to the zoo with Rylee and Nadia this time. I really appreciated Rylee taking some time out of her busy schedule (and active human-making) to come all the way to Issaquah to hang out with us. It's been a few months since I've seen Nadia, and WOW do other people's kids seem to change so much in that time. Nadia is a few months older than Hood and it's never been more obvious than now. She is such a lady, chatting away. She has so many words and just LOVES the animals. Such a sweet girl. I can't believe it was only a year and a half ago that I was sitting in her bedroom, holding her as she slept.