Cougar Mountain the rain

Nick and I have been running around like crazy people the last few weeks.  He's been working hard on rebuilding the engine for his motorcycle. During that process he accidentally damaged the paint on his gas tank and decided he would repaint the whole thing. Apparently painting a motorcycle is not as easy as painting a room in the house. Enough said. He's been working really hard.
I'm getting ready for an art show next month. I decided I would put together a completely new I am kind of kicking myself for that. It should actually be really awesome in the end. I only have 4 more skateboards and 2 snowboards to do. (The snowboards are only if I have time.) That sounds like a lot until you know I've already done 9 skateboards in the last month. If you didn't figure it out already, it is a skateboard themed show.
All that to say, we've been busy. Nick and I found that we were falling into the all-too-familiar roles of living next to each other but not actually with each other. We decided last Sunday that it would be Family Day, so we set out to enjoy each other's company without the distraction of projects. We went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo here in Issaquah. My parents bought us a season's pass a few weeks ago, so Hood and I have been going every week since then. It was fun to have Nick with us too. Unfortunately, it was very drizzly (Thank you, Washingtonian July), so all the animals were mopey and pissed that they got shipped to the Pacific Northwest. We still had fun, even if it was a wet and squishy version of it.
(this photo is not Hood, I just didn't take any pictures when we were there, so I Googled.)
After that we went to Remlinger Farm in Carnation. We went berry picking, but by this time the kiddo was tired and cranky and the wet was getting annoying. Apparently it is getting a little late in the Strawberry season,  so we mulled through a bunch of moldy and overripe berries to get the two pounds we eventually went home with.
All in all, it was good to be truly together for those few hours.
Hood ended up coming down with a teething-related fever that night (104 degrees!), and we spent a long, sweaty and squirmy night trying to soothe him. At around 3 am on Monday morning, I felt the fever break. He immediately sat up and started picking at my eyelashes (lovely way to wake up, by the way). I plunked him in his bed and got a few hours of baby-free sleep before my week started once again.
It is a good life.