Jillian Michaels

One of the girls I work with, Brianna, lent me a work out DVD by Jillian Michaels (from The Biggest Loser) called "30 Day Shred". Basically they are 20 minute work outs that, if done regularly (perhaps even for 30 days) you can gain some sort of super powers. Nick and I tried the first set out last night, and Holy Cow. I don't think I've ever felt that silly before--scratch that, I'm sure I've done something more strange than that, at least once in my life. But you get what I mean, jumping around and waving my arms while staring at muscular women in sports bras telling me how great I'm doing...basically it made me feel so awesome. They kept on saying things like "You're doing great ladies!" at which I felt the need to turn to Nick (who was jumping around and waving his arms next to me) and say that I was pretty sure they meant "ladies and gentlemen" kinda like how in the Bible it always refers to everyone as "man" or "he". And after only 20 minutes, I'm proud to say that Jillian totally kicked my butt. I'm so sore today. But I can look forward to many more "cool sessions" with Jillian in my living room in the future.

To continue my Jillian spree I made a recipe from her iPhone App for dinner tonight. It's called Grilled Halibut with Fresh Berry and Ginger Salsa. It turned out pretty good. (If I remember, I'll put the recipe at the end of this entry.) Tonight was date night, so I tried to make something a little nicer than our normal Pasta and Kraft Parmesan. All in all dinner was quite delicious, but date night kind of hit a snag due to the whiny booger that was sitting at the end of our table. Don't you hate it when you go out to eat and some kid just won't stop crying at the table next to you? Now think of that, except you're in your own home, and you can't roll your eyes and glare at the annoying little twerp's Mom because she is you and there are no mirrors nearby. Think about that before you jump into the family boat, my friends.

Anyway, Hood is normally great, but we made the mistake of making him try new things (in this case Halibut) so dinner was punctuated with crying, timeouts, throwing things, and then more timeouts. Ahh, date night. On the plus side, I am now sitting here sipping wine in the peace of a quiet dining room while the boys are outside, no doubt playing in mud. And the most ridiculous part? That child will GLADLY shove fistfuls of mud or slugs into his mouth, but a juicy, flavorful peace of fish? Nuh uh!


Grilled Halibut with Fresh Berry and Ginger Salsa

Salsa: 4 cups fresh mixed berries (I used blueberries and raspberries) 2 Tbsp. finely chopped red onion 1 Tbsp. seated ginger (I used too much) 1 Tbsp. aplenty cider vinegar 3/4 tsp. agave syrup Salt and Pepper

Pan sear Halibut steaks with olive oil on med-high heat. I cooked them approximately 5 minutes per side. I served it all over brown rice.