Harrison Beach Camping Trip

We went camping with our friendsNicole and Robert this last weekend. It was good to get a break from work and life. I love camping because I have absolutely no obligation to spend any time on my physical appearance. It was wonderful to just sit and stare at fire, eat s'mores and drink beer for three days straight.  

We got to see Nick's grandparents and family on their boats on our way to Port Angeles. It was fun to see everyone. It amazes me how fast Nick's cousins Courtney and Quentin are growing up, I'm sure it's just as crazy for them to see Hood.

There is simply nothing better than being naked in the sun on a sandy beach, but I suppose I will have to live vicariously through Hood for now:

This was Hood's second camping trip, so he was pretty much a pro at the whole "roughing it" thang.

I wish I could edit out "cheesy" in Photoshop, but my skills aren't that great. See above "no expectations for physical appearance".

A firework might have exploded in Nick's hand moments after this photo. Everyone is alright, but it just makes me thankful for safety.

Favorite photo of the weekend. This is Marbles (or as in Nick's head, "Bubbles") at a cozy, sleepy moment.