Fourth of July Bonfire

So once again, our neighbors did not disappoint with their epic firework display. I guess it pays to live in the unincorporated area of a city. M80s were going off all night long and car alarms were echoing back their dismay. Sage was, of course, terrified and contented himself with digging a doggy bomb shelter under Nick's shed. Our friends Matt and Amy came over and we enjoyed drinking beers and smoking cigars next to a bonfire while we watched the fireworks overhead. All in all, one of the better Fourth of Julys I can remember.

The photos are kind of frightening to look back at. For being a celebration of our freedom as a country, it really looks like a war zone.

Matt was super excited because he actually looks like an adult in this photo. Yaaay!

Now for the slightly creepy/voyeuristic part of the entry. Matt and Amy were just too cute to not share these photos. This may or may not be a not-so-subtle attempt to get an invite to shoot their wedding vow renewals someday.