Cougar Mountain Zoo with Gram and Poppa

So my beautiful sister had her little boy on June 29th. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't be there to take care of them and help out (they live down in Oregon). I think my parents were feeling the same way. Mom desperately needed a grandbaby fix, so Mom and Dad came by my store after work and we ran over to the Cougar Mountain Zoo. Turns out the zoo closes at 5pm, so we only got to look around for about 45minutes, but Mom and Dad bought us a year long membership, so I'm sure you'll find me there every day for the next year.  

I really enjoy having my parents live so (relatively) close. We get to see them every month and it's so neat to see the relationship that Hood has with them get stronger and stronger. I just hope I can have that type of relationship with my new little nephew!