New Chapter

So as of last Tuesday, I was accepted into the Design Program at the University of Washington! Woohoo! But with news like that come big changes. That means that at the end of the summer, my work situation will be drastically changing. I won't be able to manage my store part time, so I will be handing that responsibility off to someone else. What now? I have no idea. I would love to stay with Ladro in one capacity or another. We will see if that can happen or not, but either way I will enjoy these last few months. Today I am feeling a little like this:

It's not like anything has gone inherently wrong today, I am just emotionally exhausted and ready for a weekend. (How convenient, today's Friday!) I've worked the last two Sundays, so my weekends have been cut short, so I am looking forward to a Sunday afternoon nap this weekend.

I need to focus on all the wonderful things that are going on in my life rather that worrying about the things that I have absolutely no control over. Life is generally good and beautiful, and when it's not, there's always chocolate.