Our Life in Pictures

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. It's possible that summer has actually arrived in Washington State, but I'm making no promises. Well, summer or not, the Baxter Family has been keeping busy. I finished up classes a few weeks ago and took my big Design Entrance Workshop/Exam last Tuesday. I'm supposed to hear back by tomorrow about whether or not I got in, so stay tuned for those results.

To make the update a little easier, here is our life in pictures:

Nick has been familiarizing Hood with the guitar. I'm not sure I can use say he's "teaching Hood to play" because Hood just likes to smack the strings and dance, but that is definitely in Hood's future.


We've officially entered into the "FORTS ARE SOO COOL!" stage with Hood. Pretty much anytime you lay a blanket on the floor, or drape it over a chair, Hood will FREAK out and start mauling it while giggling hysterically.

He was doomed from day one to be an artist (of sorts) and a messy one at that. His chalkboard wall is finally getting some attention other than from me. So far, he has kept his doodlings limited to the correct wall, but one of these days, the little Picasso will branch out to the rest of the house, just wait and see.

Working on a painting with some Sumi Watercolors. This was his first painting without any help from Mama.

You gotta get a little down time with all the exciting activities. He's getting a little attitude these days, hopefully he won't be as stubborn as his parents...

So, of course, the basement would flood during my exam week. Nick and I came home after an unusually late day and discovered 6 inches of water in our basement. We had left the hose on in the back yard (the spray head was on it), and the hose burst and dumped water in our backyard all day long. The water flowed down the hill and poured into our basement. Unfortunately the basement had been doubling as our bedroom and storage area during the remodel of the upstairs. We were very thankful for the help of our friends and family as everyone came over and helped us carry all of our stuff out and suck up the water. Fortunately when we finished remodeling the basement in November, we opted to not finish the floor at that time, so as far as floods go, this one was not too bad. The only things that were irreparably damaged were the sentimental ones (letters, journals, photos). I'm a little bit of a sentimental pack rat, so it was probably for the best.


This photo was after they took out most of the water. See the wet spot on the door?

We got to have a pretty epic bonfire to burn all the stuff that was ruined.

Nick's brother Tyler graduated from High School (Woohoo!). Four generations of Baxter Boys gathered for an AT&T style family photo.

Hood is taking after his Daddy by LOVING breakfast. He's learning how to cook pancakes (or at least play with the microwave while Nick did all the work). He's turning out to be quite the little Sioux Chef.

Once again, forts rule the day. The big bad wolf just got through destroying the littlest piglet's house of blankets.