Mother's Day

Here's to an awesome Mom that put up with me through all my drama in the past (and future, and to be completely honest, probably the present too!) I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. Nick and Hood were very sweet and loving. My parents watched Hood on Friday night while Nick and I went out on a date to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Roslyn, Wa our favorite little town. We ate at the Village Pizza place, drank a few beers at the Roslyn Brewing Company, and watched Rio at the little movie theatre in town.

On Sunday we met up with Nick's Mom Jill, BK, and Grandma and Grandpa for brunch. It was so good to see everyone. It's amazing how fast the time goes by between get-togethers.

(Grandpa was telling us that if you close your eyes for 20 seconds and point your face towards the sun immediately before having your photo taken, you won't have to squint so much. It figures that the only time Hood would ever look at the camera would be when everyone else in the photo has their eyes closed.)

Sunday afternoon, Nick took a break from the remodel to build a box fort with Hood and me. Talk about quality family fun. There's nothing quite like giggling in a dark box with a grown man and a baby. This morning when I left for work, I left Nick and Hood talking to each other in the box. Right as I was leaving, I heard one of them fart and then I heard the squeals and rumble as they both vacated the gas box as quickly as their knees could take them.