Lincoln City Weekend

So the extended Hood Family (not to be confused with Hood the child) went to Lincoln City, Oregon to celebrate Grandma Hood's 80th Birthday. We rented an extremely large house a short walk from the beach. If you are from the Seattle area, I know you may be surprised to learn this, but there are actually beaches that have sand on them! Nick and I bought a new camera on our way down (Nikon D5100), so you might notice some pretty ridiculously awesome photos in this and the following posts. Just an FYI.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse: We checked out the tide-pools and I took 400+ photos.

Who knew I would have my own family some day? And that we would get to have such an awesome kiddo that will smile even when he's upside down?!

Life is truly good. I enjoyed getting to ham it up in front of the camera.

This is some of the least the ones that would sit still long enough for me to take their picture. Clockwise from top left: Christina, Johnny, Melissa, Andy, Tyrone, Hood, Mom (otherwise known as Beth), Doug, Nick (little), and Nick (big).

Just when I got the composition right everyone started to leave. It was such a gorgeous day...

I call this one "Mom and Dad made me climb the stairs on my own and I'm not happy". (Also, despite what it looks like, he is not being stepped on.)

I had to include this because of the unfortunate placement of Nick's hand combined with Hood's expression: