Home Depot

In case you were wondering what a boy who just got to have a spending spree at Home Depot looks like...it's something like this: 20110416-101243.jpg

We got a 10% off one trip (up to $200 off) coupon in the mail, so we figured we would milk it for all it was worth. Nick spent almost 6 hours at Home Depot this afternoon and came home with a full car and trailer. It was so full in fact, that the people at the loading dock were not allowed to help Nick put stuff in his trailer for fear of liability (we have a hitch on our Toyota Yaris and a ~1500lb tow limit), so Nick had to load all 35 sheets of drywall and 15 sheets of cement board by himself. He did make it home without incident (aside from needing to stop to fill up the tires with air because they were looking a little low...turns out they were fine on air pressure, the car was just that heavy).

Honestly, I have never seen Nick this happy. He has not stopped talking about his trip since he got home. He was thrilled that I was going to write a blog about it. He even offered to get his 3 page shopping list out of the car that he took drew diagrams and took notes on--that means a lot when someone is in their jammies and tucked in a warm bed.

Oh the excitement of a Saturday!