Hanford Reactor Tour Journal

The following is the complete contents of my journal for the Hanford Nuclear Rector Tour. I didn't include it in my earlier entry because I figured most people wouldn't really want to look at my doodlings. I think that I am hilarious, so I figured I should at least share my thoughts with the few people that may be interested. (The funny bits are normally written in small print with arrows pointing at stuff.) First Stop: Test Facility for a means with which to clean out the single-walled tanks that are filled with toxic sludge:

Driving through the 300 are:

Bomb-sniffing dog came on board. She found no bombs...but then again, she lives on a nuclear reactor site, so she might have overlooked any nuclear bombs that the tourists were smuggling.

The cities of Hanford and White Bluffs were evicted in order to make way for the nuclear facility. The old High School remained as one of the few remaining buildings of the towns that pre-existed the devastation.

We saw the first of the cocooned reactors (F-Reactor):

Drove by the K-Reactors on the way to B-Reactor.


Back to K-Reactors to drive around and check out the clean-up process:

T-Farm (I believe) produce the Plutonium for Fat Man (?) out of the refined Uranium that the B-Reactor made. (Don't quote me on that information):

ERDF handled the low level radioactive soil that was being mined out of areas like the K-Reactors:

Submarine Reactor Graveyard was an unexpected surprise: