Mom Quotes

So this weekend, my sister and I were comparing heights with my mom. Mom has always been very proud of the fact that SHE is 5' 9" and her little girls are only 5' 8". After comparing this weekend, she felt shorter (she may be shrinking, no one knows). Of course that resulted in Christina and I comparing to see who was taller. We stood back to back and (of course) I might have cheated just a little bit. (It's hard to be the baby AND the runt of the family.) Mom was the judge of who was the tallest, so she said, "Amy, you have the bigger forehead, but Christinas eyes are higher." Dang! I lost the height contest and now I'm self conscious of my whale head! (Just kidding Mom, I'm not scarred for life.)

At least I'm taller than Hood! For now...

Look! A picture where I'm taller than Christina! (I'm sure heels had nothing to do with it...)