Live Art at Mosaic Part 1

So this last Sunday I did a live painting at Mosaic Church in Issaquah. It was part one of a 5 part series on "The Sustainable Life". Basically, it's talking about how to make your Christian walk "sustainable" Barry Odom, the head pastor, spoke on "Choice" and choosing to worship. He paralleled worship with the element fire (meaning passion, not the "satan-wants-you-to-come-over-for-dinner-and-guess-what-he's-serving" kind. The board that I was provided with already had a painting on it, so I wrote "Let my life be a living act of worship" on it, and began decoupage-ing torn up pages from an old hymnal over it. I then painted flames over the music and scraped out people's profiles in the flames. The intention was not to make the people look like they were burning in hell (although one woman said that is what she thought I was portraying), but I guess that is why art is so special--it is completely subjective.

Sorry for the crummy shots, I was just taking quick pictures on the fly. If you want to see it in person, come on by and check it out next Sunday at 10am at Issaquah High School!