Flying Pigs

After watching Banksy's documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop", I decided that I would enjoy practicing a little "Street Art" myself. Since I am thoroughly obedient, not very adventurous, and I don't like being awake after dark, I figured my attempts at spray paint art should begin within the confines of my own home. Nick happily agreed to my taking over a wall of my studio for my attempts (I don't think he realized what he was getting into), and so it began. I am learning a lot about spray paint. First of all, when you are indoors, you get teeny tiny drywall-like paint dust coating every surface in the room and it gets blown into other areas of the house. Secondly, and not surprisingly, spray paint is smelly and it makes you get high. Maybe that is a draw to some, but I just end up feeling dizzy and like I am going to throw up (remember how I said I wasn't adventurous?).

Well, here is what we have so far:

Just as an FYI, it is supposed to be a "Flying" Pig with a bunch of balloons tied to her back. It's not finished yet. And it's not suppose to look like she is shooting lasers out of her eyes, although that could be an exciting twist.