Physics Midterm #2

My physics class has been a lesson in humility. I'm discouraged. I've never tried so hard in something before and failed so miserably. I took two days off of work so I could study from 7am-7pm. I reviewed all of my class and chapter notes for all of the material covered in the test. I made my equations sheet complete with specific examples. I did the practice exam and got help with any questions I was struggling with. In the end, I put myself to bed at a decent time so I could get adequate sleep. I prayed and prayed begging God to help me do better than last time. And then I sat down to take the test and it was the same as last time. I knew the answer to the first two (small hallelujahs welling up inside me), then a complete blank on all the subsequent problems. Well I guess either Jesus doesn't want me to go back to school or he REALLY doesn't want me in a Physics-based job someday (no argument there).

Please spare me the encouraging "you can do it" posts. I can't and I just need to learn to be okay with that. I will "power" (or at least sludge) through the rest of this quarter, hope for a passing grade, and then move on to other classes in which my efforts are better spent.

Welcome back to school!