Moments of Clarity

I was sitting in my studio with the littlest pumpkin this morning. He was being more mischievous than normal, so he had earned himself a place in Mom's lap (not too harsh a punishment, if I may say so myself). All of a sudden, the little bugger reached out and grabbed my (full and hot) coffee cup. He is SO fast. Thankfully it didn't get on him, but it spilled over pretty much everything else: our W2s, my artwork, photos, my laptop, my printer, the wall, and my leg (ouch!). I was kinda proud of my reaction (I didn't say any non-baby-friendly words), but I did make a little holler. I picked up the kiddo and deposited him in his crib so I could clean up the mess. He realized he had done something wrong (or at least extremely inconvenient) and was really upset. While I was wiping up everything, he just stood holding the rail of his bed, bouncing up and down, crying big salty tears. Once I had cleaned everything up, I went and got him and told him that he wasn't in trouble. Once he was in my arms, he put one little chubby hand on either side of my face and planted the biggest, juiciest, tear-covered kiss right on my lips. Wow.

Best thing that's happened all week.