This Mechanical Life...

Going back to school has been an adjustment on so many levels. I thought life was full and complicated enough with a full time job, a 10 month old baby and the financial woes that accompany being 22 and 25 year old parents. Adding school into the mix--even just one class--has challenged me more than I care to admit. I almost just typed that "I've always been a good student"; that would be a lie. I was an excellent student in high school. I got a wonderful scholarship to WSU were I was majoring in BioEngineering; I was going to be a doctor! Things change when al of a sudden you get more freedom than you've ever had before. I didn't have anyone making sure I was in by 9, sleeping (period), attending classes, doing my homework...and the list goes on. I thought I was so mature. After all, I was 18, I could balance all of my bad choices and still come out on top academically. I had met a super cute boy that I wanted to hang out with. Well, after the first semester, I had dropped most of my hard classes, changed my major to Architecture (all the cool kids were doing that cute boy? Yeah, he was a senior in the Architecture program), and quickly realized that my grades sucked for the first time in my life. To Nick's credit, he didn't realize that I had had a (almost) full-ride scholarship until I had lost it. Ouch. That helped me get priorities straight, but I definitely didn't have a good idea of what I just lost. (Now, I have a VERY good idea of what tuition is like and how much that money really is. What I wouldn't do for even a $500 scholarship!)

Long story short, I left WSU after two years with a 3.9 GPA as an Art Major fully intending to transfer to a college on the west side after Nick and I were married.

Life has a funny way of not abiding by my plans. There were some error in my application paperwork so I didn't end up getting into UW back in 2008. By the time I had gotten my rejection letter, I was working (and really enjoying) working as a barista at Caffe Ladro, a coffee shop down the street from our apartment in Bothell.

Flash forward 2 years: Nick and I are living in our very own home, I'm a manager of one of the Caffe Ladros, and we have a beautiful brand new baby boy, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that I was a quitter for not finishing my bachelor's degree.

I knew it wouldn't ever get any easier to go back to school, so I might as well go now. So here I am sitting in front of my computer basking in the glow of a recently submitted Physics assignment and contemplating what got me to this point.

That said, Physics is KICKING MY BUTT! I failed my first midterm, despite the ridiculous amount of effort I have been putting into this class. It's discouraging, but at the same time, I LOVE this class! My teacher is hilarious (who can make Mechanical Physics funny?), I get to take notes (and lots of 'em), and I am using my student brain again! It's been a long time since I took Calculus freshman year of college, and it is slowly trickling back.

All that to say, I am having a lot of fun. Wish me well!

Anyway, who could study when there's all these cute boys scampering around my house?!