Nick and I went to my favorite store yesterday: Daniel Smith. Ooo La La! He bought me some new watercolor paper, so of course I needed to come home and paint on it.

I really enjoy owls. There is a barn owl that lives at my grandma's farm (believe it or not, it lives in the barn...) and it's always a thrill to spot it when we visit.

Well, I should qualify that statement. Normally it is a thrill to spot the owl. Last time we went, the barn owl had a buddy and they pooped on my Dad and Sister. They didn't get me, so I still enjoyed the encounter.

Everyone always associated owls with intelligence (it has something to do with their glasses-shaped markings, or maybe their constant question-asking, "Who? Who?"), but I like to think that they are as empty-headed as the rest of us. This little bird just looks like she is zoning out.

Welcome to my world, little hootie!

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