Keeping Up With The Jones'

I just had a thirty minute conversation with a woman just as I was getting into my car at the Wells Fargo. We talked about the competitiveness that is so prevelant in the surrounding area. This is something that Nick and I have talked about quite a bit. I'm ashamed to say that I'm guilty of comparing myself to other people. The other day I said some stuff to Nick that I shouldn't have. I was comparing our happy little cottage to the million dollar homes of some of my aquaintances. Nick is helping me learn to be content with what we have. Honestly, I am living in my dream home. So what if it is 1,500 square feet? Who cares that the yard is not fully ladscaped and there are weeds in my lawn. I am learning. I think I have been working in Kirkland and Issaquah too long and I have gotten a srewed up perspective on stuff. You don't need to the money, the computer, the designer things. What you need is snuggle time with you family, playing with your dog, a clean kitchen sink, food in your fridge, a fire in the grate and warm clothes on your back.

I don't NEED acrylic nails, bleach blonde hair, a fancy stroller, expensive clothes, or a detailed car. There is nothing wrong with having those things, as long as you are true to yourself. I think I will always be the girl in the jeans and a sweatshirt with messy hair and little make-up, bouncing a happy baby on my hip, a beer in my hand, all while I tend to a bonfire in my backyard...and there is nothing wrong with that.

Nick, I'm learning. Thanks for keeping me grounded. And thanks for being such an amazing provider for your little family.