Thank You

Let me start this out by saying that I am pretty certain that my bosses don't even know that I write a blog, let alone check it regularly. I wanted to say that, because this isn't meant to be some sort of brown-nosing entry. This is just me talking about my work situation. That being said, I love Caffe Ladro. It's a great company to work for. Like all jobs, it has its less-than-glittering moments, but there are many things that have kept me at Ladro for almost three years (and the forseeable future).

Nick got laid off from his job yesterday, or at least they informed him that August would be his last month with TSA. They have been a wonderful company to us as well, but the banks just aren't lending and there is no way for an architect to design if no one can get the money to finance their projects. I mentioned it in passing to one of the ladies at the main office (Nick and Hood are going to need to jump on to my insurance). Today I got a call from the owner of Caffe Ladro, Jack. Now this isn't too unusual to be chatting with Jack; he's a pretty hands-on guy with the business. Anyway, he was calling me to find out how my transition over to our Issaquah store is going, how Hood is doing, and if Nick would be interested in doing some work on his home.

Now that threw me.

Just moments later, Jeff, my direct boss, emailed me saying that the folks over at the main office were throwing around ideas about what they might be able to hire Nick to do.

I am completely blown away. I feel valued and appreciated by my company. Sure, raises and bonuses would be great, but in an economy where people are losing their jobs left and right, to work for one that is wise with their funds and plans for the future is phenomenal.

It's nice to know people are trying to take care of us.