I have known for a long time that I have an undeniable need to be on time to things. It never was really much of an issue growing up because the rest of my family was naturally on-time. So I didn't really understand the rarity of this condition until I went to college. When Nick and I first started dating, he was consistently thirty minutes or more late. I wasn't a fan of this habit, so thankfully he is now down to 5-10 minutes. One of the side-affects of having kids, is that it takes approximately 30 minutes longer to get ready to go anywhere. That's because you have to feed the little guy (he invariably gets hungry when I am in a hurry and need to leave), change a diaper, pack the diaper bag, or change your clothes due to an "on-the-way-out-the-door-strategic-puking-session".

Or, if you have managed to get all those things taken care of and you still manage to get out the door on time, you will invariably lose your keys, which is what happened to me this morning. I was all ready to go. All I needed to do was to feed Hood before we left to go to his 4-month doctor's appointment. I lost track of time, so I found myself throwing things together 15 minutes before I needed to be at the doctor's office (it's about 10-15 minutes away from my house). I finally get everything in the car, and I go to grab my keys...not there. I always put my keys in the same place every time. Nick on the other hand makes a concerted effort to put his keys in a different place every time. I thinks he likes the excitement of the hunt. Now, Nick and I have since had a discussion regarding his using my keys and where he places them and we've decided that he just won't use my keys. Anyway. I found my keys tucked under a sweatshirt in the backseat of the car after about 15 minutes of frantically searching through all of Nick's jeans and coat pockets, rummaging through the stroller's million cubbies, and scrounging through every bag and purse I have, and hysterically calling Nick at work (I love you sweetie! Thanks for your patience!) Of course I hit traffic on the way to the Pediatrician's. I arrived on 25 minutes late...**sigh** They didn't make me reschedule, so I was extremely grateful. I wonder how many haggard moms they see straggle in way past their appointment times.

I can't exactly say that I'm learning to be more laid back, but I am at least aware of how uptight I am about being late.

Last weekend Nick and I went to the Mariner's Game against the Red Socks (am I being totally ignorant regarding the spelling? Sox? Socks? Dunno). We drove around for an HOUR trying to find parking. I got so stressed out. I didn't even want to go to the game anymore. Nick persevered and we eventually broke down and paid the $20 for the parking garage and had a wonderful time at the game.

I'm not saying timeliness is a bad thing, I am saying that perhaps I could be a little more calm. Once again, I admire my husband's mellow-ness and I would like to be more like him (only a girlier, more on-time version).