Scam Part 2

So my final email to my little scammer went something like this: "I’m sorry, but I will not do business with someone who wants an “honest transaction”, yet refuses to give me any of their information. I’m not going to wire money if I do not know where it is going, and I certainly will not give anyone any money until the cashier’s check is completely clear after the bank’s required wait time. I have yet to receive any check, but when I do, I will return it to you. I will write “return to sender” on the envelope of the check when it comes, if it does not have a return address, then please give me your address so I may send it back to you and cancel our transaction."

I didn't hear back from him. So when the check came, I didn't open it and just held onto it for a little while in case he wanted it back. Now that it's been several days, I opened it to see how much money he was trying to get out of me.

I was expecting the check to be written for a hundred or so more than the asking price of my chair ($600), so imagine my surprise when I find this check.


Really? Who would believe that you would pay $2,350 for shipping?! I am a little insulted that he thinks I am that stupid. Well, I feel a little bit better now knowing that even though I fell for everything at the beginning, there would be NO WAY I could believe that he was sincere when he was paying that much.

Well it's kind of nice to have this chapter be closed now. One more life lesson down, hundreds more to go. Thank you, Idera Nimota, for educating me on the sleaziness of some humans.