Trivia Spolier

So basically, the Fourth of July is, hands-down, the busiest day at my coffee shop. We have a parade that goes by out front and we do 3x more business in one day than we do on our busiest day the rest of the year. Tips are horrible (of course...people don't realize how much of a difference that makes), but it's a lot of fun when you're working as a cohesive team. I thought I was being super awesome today because I came up with our trivia question: What are the only two countries in the world with non-rectangular flags? It was very applicable to the day, and I came up with it all on my own; I actually knew the answer!

Luck would have it some (insert unkind descriptive word that I don't want my mom to know I know) guy would ruin it for me. He came up to me and said, confidently, "Well, I know Nepal is one for sure." Okay, good job, he got that one right. "My guess is the other one is Whales."

Now, I'm no expert, but I didn't think Whales was a country but I didn't want to expose my ignorance if I was wrong, so I didn't say that. "Nope! But you got the first one right."

All this was a pleasant and common exchange. Then it got frustrating: "How do you know it's wrong? Have you ever SEEN Whales' flag?"

"Um, I'm not familiar with it, but Whales is not one of the answers I have."

"It's just a dragon. You don't think a dragon is rectangular, do you?"

"Well, the answer I have is Switzerland. Their flag is square." Right after I said that, I knew what was coming next.

"A square IS a rectangle."

"Sir, I think it is fairly obvious that I meant the TRADITIONAL rectangular shape of every other flag in the world. If this is going to be a problem for you, I can just take the trivia question down."

"Well, I got Nepal right, what do I get?"

So whoever is the first person to get the whole trivia question right is rewarded with a free coffee. Now this guy only got part of the question right, but he was being a prick, so I asked him to hand me the sign and I erased it and wrote "Happy Fourth of July" on it. Then I told him he didn't get anything because we decided not to have a trivia question today.

After I made his drink, I looked up Whales' flag. It is a dragon...on a rectangular background. I printed it off and, without saying anything, laid it on his table next to his coffee. He looked at it and said, "I knew that, I was just testing you."

Oh well, I gave him decaf anyway.

(Actually I didn't, I wish I had though. I'm not mean enough!)