BlueJack and BlueJill

When Nick and I first moved into our house, we noticed that some Blue Jays (I've named them BlueJack and BlueJill) were busily making a nest on the flood lights just outside our bedroom window. Blue Jays aren't the prolificly poopy type of birds so we let them keep it there. Once they vacated it for the winter, we decided to leave it in hopes that they (or their offspring) would return in the Spring. Well, they did, and I am enjoying seeing how another new family is handling their new baby. We can tell when the Mommy and Daddy birds let the babies "fly" out of the nest, because the following week we hear nothing but the Mom and Dad telling their babies the location of our cats. The only thing I can say against Blue Jays is they have horrible Marge-Simpson-type smoker voices. It sounds like she is standing on the roof of our house yelling, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Heeey!" In reality they are calling out to their birdlets, saying "Watchout! The cat is over here! Don't come over here!" Or maybe they are trying to draw the cats away from their kiddos by teasing and getting the cats to follow. I think it's beautiful to see parents in nature. It is so ingrained in all of us to protect our babies. When would we ever purposefully expose ourselves to danger if not to protect a helpless little one from it?

I want to be a Blue Jay kinda Mom.

By the way, there is nothing cuter (well, maybe aside from Hood) than seeing a tiny little ball of blue fluff boinging around the yard, trying desperately to "blend in" with a stump all the while trying to get the hang of "flying".  :-)