Barefoot Shoes-Yay!

So the other day, I saw one of my customers out walking her dog and she had the COOLEST shoes on! They are like toe-socks (hello nineties!) had a love-child with a pair of shoes. Apparently they are the new rage in runners' circles. I, of course, am under no delusion that if I buy the shoes I will suddenly start running all the time. Noooo, no. You see, I don't like shoes. I mean, I like shoes, but not wearing them. I wear flip-flops because they are the most socially acceptable shoe-option that is the least like wearing shoes. Unfortunately flip-flops are bad for your feet, seeing as they have absolutely no support and offer no protection to your toes. Introducing Vibram Five-Fingers! This way I can be, in essence, barefoot with all the benefits of wearing shoes! As soon as they come in the mail, I will let you know how they are working out.

Oooh! Soo excited!