Apple Makes My Heart Go Pitter Patter!

So today is the release day for Apple's iPhone 4. There have been plenty of issues leading up today including issues with the pre-ordering process and general AT&T crap. I am not a fan of AT&T period. I look forward to the day that iPhones are opened up to all carriers. Until then, I am too happy with my iPhone to leave it for a better phone service. This release is looking like the biggest iPhone release since the original phone. Unfortunately it seems to have been plagued by problem after problem. Now that people finally have received their phones, we're hearing about issues with reception (maybe the antennae that is built in allong the outside of the phone isn't as awesome as originally hoped), and a few other glitches that apparently have (relatively) easy fixes. Yes, this hasn't been as smooth as I'm sure Apple was hoping, but does that change my mind about Apple? Uh uh! I was talking to one of the guys that I work with the other day. He has had the same phone for the last 4+ years. His rationale is that a phone is simply for talking to people with, so the other features are just a waste of money. Okay...I can understand that thought process but I definitely don't agree with it. That's kind of like saying, I have a typewriter and it is effective in producing typed documents, so why would I ever want to get a computer because all those other features are a waste of money! Welcome to the future! We're no longer a pen and paper, cash or a land-line society. Embrace the new technology and enjoy all the things you can do with it. Smart Phones are the new laptops.

Phones are for more than just verbal communication now. Even the basic telephone conversation is being revolutionized. Nick showed me one of Apple's ads last night. It depicted a hearing-impaired couple using the new Face-To-Face (video conferencing) technology to have a conversation through signing. Technology is opening up opportunities for people who didn't have these options before. My friend's mom, who is deaf, had to have a service that she would type to (like an instant message) and they would talk on the phone for her. It was hard to communicate with her, but now, she can make her own phone calls. So cool. I, of course, cried when I saw this ad. It was beautiful. It's a wonderful thing when technology can bring people together.

*sigh* Can't wait for my new phone.