The best designs are the ones you don't even realize you are interacting with.

My name is Amy E. Baxter, and I am a recent graduate from the Interaction Design program at the University of Washington in Seattle. With a background in Architecture and Fine Arts, I can mix form and function with creativity. I enjoy studying how people interact with their environment, and how the design of the elements in that space can influence their decisions and actions. I ended up in Interaction Design when the study of Architecture left me wanting more. I wanted to not only design a space for people to inhabit, but to design spaces and things that change the people that interact with them in some way.

On weekends and evenings, you can find me in my garden. I am working hard to develop my home into an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, self-reliant space. I grow my own fruits and vegetables, and I am working towards turning my 1950s cottage into a zero-energy home. I'm excited about incorporating design into my own environment to fully accommodate that goal.